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Follow Up, Build Loyalty, Improve Reputation, Communicate With All Your Leads And Customers In One Place!

Have More Personalized Conversations & Close More Deals

On average, businesses take up to 48 hours to respond to a new lead. With SalesZen, this problem is solved by combining multiple channels into one interface, which will help to streamline your communication. With easy access to all of your channels, responding to leads is super FAST!

Key Features

Communicate with leads and customers across multiple channels (Email, WhatsApp, Facebook and MORE)

Streamline multiple conversations from multiple platforms all within one screen

Easily assign leads, create notes, and set reminders

Integrate WhatsApp Business Account To Generate More Sales

Did you know that most businesses only sends out emails to follow up with their leads? But out of the hundreds of emails, they send out, only 5% respond to their message. SalesZen solves this problem by allowing you to easily integrate your Whatsapp business account to your APP. Clients currently utilising ZenSales receive up to an 80% response rate through their campaigns.

Key Features

Integrate Whatsapp to SalesZen app for better and more efficient communication.

Simplify the sales process with your leads

Copy automation sequence and workflows

Interactive Dashboards For Campaign Tracking, Transparency, And Accountability

Interactive dashboards lets you assess lead flows and sales team performance so that you can get complete control and see how well your campaigns and sales team are performing.

Key Features

Campaign Performance

Sales Team Performance

Acquisition Cost & Much More!

Start driving more online sales by leveraging the power of Whatsapp, Line and WeChat for your business!

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